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StepStation.comAsking a friend for guidance on how to do something when he had already explained us how to do it before is not really the greatest sign of respect. Yet, the way things turn out we sometimes just have to do it. And risk sullying a friendship for having been so uncaring as not to listen with attention the first time around. Why aren’t there sites explaining how to do things step by step, so that we can avoid having to ask people to pull us out of our difficulties every time?

Well, it turns out there are some sites that play out that role. They are either not really popular or brand-new. The one I am reviewing right now falls into the second category, as it has premiered recently. It goes by the apt name of StepStation, and it basically compiles step by step guides on mostly anything you could imagine. More than twenty different categories are featured, and everything from food, clothes, and electronics to business, careers and entertainment is touched upon on the site.

Bear in mind that anybody can contribute to the site. If you know how to explain something on clear terms, then go ahead and post it on We need more resources as useful as this one around. In Their Own Words

Your step-by-step guide.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not really that many sites that do the same, much less provide users with so many categories to choose from.

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Which categories are more sought-after?