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Statsheet.comDo you religiously follow college basketball? If you are crazy for Carolina or obsessive about Ohio State, StatSheet is a site created specifically for fans of college ball. The founder grew tired of the limitations associated with the coverage of college basketball on big sports websites, and created StatSheet to be a more comprehensive and user-friendly alternative.

The site features a wealth of stats (that are archived ten years back), the ability to compare teams, coaches, or players, and graphs visually depicting statistics. It also includes constantly updated headlines, NBA drafts picks, and even information on referees. In Their Own Words

“Hello, my name is Robbie and I’m the one man show behind I’m a long-time college basketball fanatic. I got bored with the way the big sports websites handled college basketball and figured I could do it better. is the result.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The demographic that StatSheet is going for- primarily male college students or alumni- will definitely find this site appealing. For example, my boyfriend is a college basketball fanatic, and StatSheet caused him to jump out of his chair and play around with the stat comparisons for a good while. The information is comprehensive, well-organized, and clearly made by a true college ball fan. Moreover, with all the functions and information on the site, anyone could easily spend hours examining different match-ups.

Some Questions About

Could the site include more information about new recruits?

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