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Startupwear.comNewly-launched Startupwear is offering a line of novelty T-shirts that will almost certainly be appreciated by anyone who has ever worked for a startup. The idea seems to have stemmed from last month’s launch of VCWear, which sells novelty T-shirts to venture capitalists with lines like “Venture Capitalists Do It with Entrepreneurs”.


Startupwhere, with tongue fully in cheek, claim that entrepreneurs need funny shirts just like the VCs but they don’t have as much money. The solution is funnier shirts at half the cost. They claim to have a huge untapped market since there are more entrepreneurs than venture capitalists and therefore more torsos to wear their shirts. In Their Own Words

“T-Shirts for the working masses at working mass prices. Our friends at VCWear gave us inspiration to target entrepreneurs, I mean there’s gotta be atleast 100x more entrepreneurs than VCs right? So retire your tattered Google “I’m feeling lucky” shirt and get some new threads.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While this is clearly at least partly a joke, the idea is refreshing and could really become popular amongst entrepreneurs who identify with the message. Also, the demographics may well favor Startupwear over VC wear.

Some Questions About

Will they stay around for the long run or is this just a fun counter attack against VCWear? Do they have the infrastructure in place to produce and ship the shirts if this does take off over night?

Author : Caroline Bright

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