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StartupToDo.comNobody would dispute that launching a venture of your own is an incredibly exciting time. And nobody would dispute that the pathway leading to that particular instance is hazardous bar none.

As such, resources for entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about hitting the startup scene are always popular.

This particular site is named StartupToDo, and it is made up of resources for startup founders, entrepreneurs and every single person who wants to launch a venture of his own. The site includes a comprehensive amount of guides that deal with each and every aspect related to the world of entrepreneurship. These guides are not only created by entrepreneurs and microISVs themselves, but they are enhanced collectively by those who are part of the site’s community.

It can be said that the site gathers together information which in addition to being vital is always relevant and updated – the fact that it is rated and ranked by the community just makes it all the more valuable and accurate . Besides, functionalities like being able to request specific feedback will no doubt give users a bigger sense of support, and will make for strengthening the bonds within the community. And the option to join particular groups in order to have direct contact with people who have proven expertise when it comes to the main areas of interest is also a definitive plus. In Their Own Words

“ is a productivity application for startup founders, developers who want to fire their managers and microISVs MicroISVs: Micro Independent Software Vendors. Also known as mISVs, indie game developers, self-funded startups, etc. Self-funded developers creating, marketing, selling and supporting world class software. who want to build successful software companies.

Here you’ll find specific Guides to many of the hundreds of projects you need to do to build your company. Every Guide is written by, rated by, and commented on by other startup founders and microISVs who understand what you need. is also an online community of people like you – people who want to build startups that succeed and spend time with people who have something to offer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The community aspect makes the knowledge included on the site stand all the more reliable.

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