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Startups.inThis a portal geared towards and frequented by members of the Indian startup eco-system. It aims to offer up-and-coming entrepreneurs a platform for interacting with each other and have access to young talent in the most direct way of all, as people advertise their skills proactively and at no cost whatsoever.

The site includes a library of resources while listing upcoming events along with a board where startup jobs are listed and described. Moreover, interviews are prominently featured in the section that goes by the name of “News, Reviews, Interviews & More”. For its part, a “Find Office Space” category will enable anybody to take care of such logistical considerations in a supple fashion.

All in all, the site stays true to its mission: making it easy for Indian entrepreneurs to be helped and help others entrepreneurs in need. India has always been one of the most exciting scenes in terms of startups, and in that sense a site such as this is more than a welcome resource. In Their Own Words

“ has grown into a top portal frequented by members of Indian startup eco-system. By offering this new user friendly self-service platform, our mission is to make it easy for you as an entrepreneur to be helped and help others in need and further the development of the Indian startup ecosystem. So, start, share and succeed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

India is a growing economy and a niche platform for startups in India has a huge potential.

Some Questions About

How long has the site been around? How is it going to advertise itself?