One Platform To Bring Them All And In Startup Glory Bind Them

If you’ve never heard the name before of the world’s largest startup launch platform, representing 825,000 registered startups and adding 15,000 every month, no need to beat yourself up. The community only announced its name to the world a couple days ago.




What began as a desire “to help startups in all the places they get stuck when launching” has grown into a one-stop shop where entrepreneurs can find all the tools and resources they need to gain their footing in the early stages of growing their business. encompasses the products Fundable, Bizplan, Launchrock, and Clarity, which provide services that help entrepreneurs with funding, planing, marketing and mentorship. 13 million users have already enlisted the help of these components to forge their ideas into viable companies.


Business crowdfunding platform Fundable has helped startups raise over $150 million. Business plans written with the aid of Bizplan have earned over $250 million of committed funding. By using Launchrock to create pre-launch landing pages, startups have connected with 13 million “first” customers.


In tandem with the launch of the parent brand, Fundable recently acquired the newest member of the fold, Clarity connects entrepreneurs directly with verified experts for strategic business advice and help with learning new skills.


This “rolodex of startup experts”, some 30,000+ strong, includes superstars Eric Ries, Brad Feld, and Mark Cuban available for one-to-one conversations. Clarity experts spent over 181,000 minutes on the phone assisting Founders in 2014. Founder and CEO Wil Schroter added context for the latest developments: “ represents the culmination of our last 3 years of work, starting with Fundable. We’ve been focused on helping Founders at each stage of the startup journey, from customer acquisition to funding, and now we have one platform that brings all of these abilities together.”


The new hub gives entrepreneurs access to an unprecedented community of thought leaders, investors, and startup assistance. Besides top-notch services that help build companies, registered users will also find stellar original content – for an appetizer: a live chat with legendary Peter Thiel.


Need customers, press, funding, mentors? Of course you do. Find them all at


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