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StartupAddict.comStartupAddict is a site that will let you move one step closer to making your entrepreneurial plans come to fruition. Basically, here anybody can leverage seed funding for his startup by pitching his idea, and openly discussing it with the rest of the StartupAddict community. Those who believe in him can contribute money for the idea to be further pursued, and the entrepreneur will get it directly though the site.

The ones who do get involved in the funding of any project, now, will actually get something in return. That is going to change from one startup to the other, as the entrepreneur is the one choosing what to give back to those who lend him a helping hand.

Entrepreneurs who want to post their ideas on this site can do it for free. The company only takes a 5 % commission fee on these projects that are indeed successful. But leaving that aside, entrepreneurs have to pay nothing for signing up, and nothing for posting projects of their own. In Their Own Words

Crowdfunding for startups.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site acts as the perfect meeting point for those with ideas and the ones who are willing to support creative types.

Some Questions About

How much money can be raised like this?