StartUp Season 4: What To Expect and When It Will Debut

There are a lot of great startup-themed shows on the market, but one that’s especially intriguing is, well, StartUp. It initially debuted in 2016 on Crackle, before eventually going on for two more seasons. It continued to gain cult status before it made the switch to Netflix in 2021, where rumors indicate that StartUp Season 4 could happen.

The show features a stellar cast, including Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, and others. While it took a little bit to warm up, it’s found a stable audience. That fueled the rumors behind StartUp Season 4. But will it happen? Let’s take a look at what we know thus far.

What Is StartUp All About?

Though details are really in the later seasons, the general plot of StartUp is fairly easy to follow. The show closely follows GenCoin, a company that’s built around the world of digital currency. (Sound familiar, real-life startup owners?)

Three strangers that don’t necessarily come across as tech entrepreneurs are running the show but have their own shady agendas. In the midst of all this is an FBI agent, who’s got his own troubled history. His goal? Bring down the startup company and those behind it, by whatever means necessary.

Though the show didn’t exactly get stellar reviews (the first season barely garnered 36 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), it retained a steady audience. And once it debuted on Netflix, it took off, becoming one of the most popular shows on the service. That certainly paves the way for StartUp Season 4. But why is that the case?

Netflix Has A Habit of Reviving Shows for A New Season

One interesting thing about Netflix is that it understands the popularity of some shows, and picks up the rights to continue them.

The comedy series Arrested Development is a fine example. After its too-short run on Fox, the streaming service picked it up for two more seasons, featuring its all-star cast. It’s a popular favorite in its revival, though there’s no word on a sixth season just yet.

Then there’s Manifest, a mystery show that aired on NBC for three seasons, surrounding a group aboard an airliner where mysterious circumstances arise. It was a hit, but the network felt compelled to cancel it. Netflix, however, saw its popularity of it; and after picking up its first three seasons, it announced that a fourth and final season began production. (There’s no release date yet, but it’s possible that it could arrive in 2023.)

What does this say about the possibilities of StartUp Season 4? Quite a bit. Netflix knows it has a hit on its hands; and if it can win over even more fans, it’ll find a way to produce it. Plus, with startup-themed shows being huge favorites at the moment (especially comedies), there’s no reason we shouldn’t get a fourth go-around.

Nothing Set in Stone for StartUp Season 4, but The Possibility Is There

While there hasn’t been any sort of confirmation for StartUp Season 4 just yet, there have been talks about its revival.

Prior to the series debut on Netflix, Bill Rouhana, head of Crackle’s parent company Chicken Soup, noted he reached out to the creator to do more episodes. Nothing’s official, but Netflix could be holding similar talks.

Plus most of the cast are happy with the show’s progress. Freeman, Perlman, and others expressed pleasure with the show’s storyline; and it would be easy to introduce new characters as a fresh element. On top of that, with the growing day-to-day challenges in real start-ups, they could easily find a way into the show’s structure as well.

Alas, we’re playing the waiting game until Netflix says something. Thus far, the company hasn’t announced much, but it has hundreds of projects in the works. These include high-profile movies like the sequel to Rian Johnson’s mystery Knives Out, along with the Adam Sandler basketball drama Hustle. It may just be a matter of timing before it introduces its fall/winter slate, leading into early 2023.

Here’s Hoping for A Fourth Go-Around of This StartUp

Although the show doesn’t have a huge fan base like other popular hits, StartUp nevertheless has a loyal following. There are those that love the characters, as well as the intriguing storyline surrounding the company. Not to mention that it doesn’t cost too much to produce, outside of paying salaries for the likes of Freeman, Sorvino, and others.

Whatever the case, Netflix likely won’t stay quiet on this for long. Viewership numbers continue to rise for the show, so StartUp Season 4 looks more and more likely to happen. Keep an eye on their announcements, because you never know when GenCoin could be in a good spot for a revival.