StartUp Season 3: What to Expect and Series Reviews

StartUp Season 3: What to Expect and Series Reviews

About StartUp

Startup is a popular American crime drama series that premiered on Crackle. The series follows the story of three tech entrepreneurs and one FBI agent in their consistent hide-and-seek and occasional face-off. StartUp season 3 is the most recent. The series was created by Ben Katai and their series contains a total of 30 episodes, 10 episodes per season.

The cast has seen some recurring characters, such as Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, and Martin Freeman. The series has got a decent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, close to 78. With the presence of popular actors and a strong plot, the series has achieved a pretty strong following.

About Third Season of StartUp: What to Expect and Series Reviews

In the third season of the series, the new character Rebecca Stroud, played by Mira Sorvino, came into the spotlight as the NSA agent was sent to investigate ArakNet. Sadly, one of the most popular and versatile actors Martin Freeman (as Phil Rask) is not present in the third season, who is also considered the best part of this series.

After the events of the second season, it is seen that ArakNet is flourishing at a quick rate and subsequently has become a successful company. With significant money, Ronald has moved out of Little Haiti, and also became the owner of a beautiful house. Tamara is shown to be pregnant as well. Nick and Mara are living together and their love is increasing day by day. Izzy is also enjoying her life at her Grandmother’s farm. While this was the happy scenario in the series, now comes Rebecca Stroud, an NSA agent into the series at this point.

One of the best things mentioned about the series is that the level of moral quandaries by the characters is well-defined and appreciated. Moral Quandaries have been seen among the characters during the whole season.

Several Key Things to Expect in Season 3 of StartUp:

(i) People are seen using ArakNet for calling hits on their spouses. This surprised the characters very much.

(ii) The main characters seem to have major trust issues due to several reasons.

Ronald seems to visit his old gang members in Little Haiti and he went there to warn them about the NSA sniffing around ArakNet.

(iii) Izzy tried re-enacting her hacking ways. But she got captured by the Government and then, she went into the custody of this season’s NSA agent Rebecca Stroud. Here, Rebecca offers to snitch on Nick and Ronald for successful infiltration of ArakNet and input a virus to bring that down or be imprisoned forever. While Izzy is out of prison for promising to betray her friends, Rebecca is seen recruiting another ArakNet employee. But Izzy is shown to be in a morally confusing situation regarding what she needs to do.

(iv) ArakNet successfully gets 100,000,000 user milestones. But due to the virus, they also lose 60% of their users. At this time, Izzy steps in to stop the virus from affecting them further.

(v) Daewon, a hacker from the first season, comes into the third season when he got invited by Nick. Nick paid Daewon about 80000$ to hack into another company, “Broken Egg”. The hacking ensured major data leakage by the company. This hacking facilitated the process of users moving to ArakNet for securing their data, which lead to an increment of users in ArakNet.

More Things to Expect From Season 3:

(vi) Ronald gets arrested after Nick snitched on him.

(vii) Tamara gets fired from her job as her ex-husband got arrested for multiple murders.

(viii) Ronald, in police custody, signs papers that lead to the arrest of his whole gang.

(viii) It gets revealed that Rebecca is not an NSA agent, rather she is black ops, former CIA, and a Cleaner.

(ix) Rebecca gets caught and beaten by Izzy.

(x) Nick kills Rebecca, in the heat of the moment.

(xi) The final shot of the season is the 3 shifting Rebecca’s wrapped body to a hidden area whilst getting upset about Nick’s mental situation.

StartUp Season 3: Reviews by People

Most people have described the show as satisfactory with numerous twists and good performances by the characters. Startup Season 3 ended with strong cliffhangers, providing a straight path to a fourth season. Although there is no news of a fourth season at the moment, the cliffhanger provides hope for the fans. So, the most recent season is quite eventful. In some cases, some fans, there are some stupid storylines.


So, with all those key events and twists, you can also feel that StartUp season 3 is going to be quite eventful. And on top of everything, the acting of the characters is praiseworthy. This will encourage people to watch the show and enjoy their relaxing time. So, go for watching the series.

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