You Don’t Need A Law Degree If You Have Startup Lawyer

Today’s Killer Startup: Startup Lawyer


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Elevator Pitch:

Startup Lawyer is a one-stop shop for all of the legal things you need to know when you’re launching a startup.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years of writing about startups (and having a startup founder brother and a startup founder boyfriend), it’s that startup founders are the best at figuring things out themselves. Well, figuring stuff out themselves — with the help of Google, Reddit, and sites like Startup Lawyer.


The legal side of starting up can be particularly confounding, with its own language, rules, and specialized knowledge base. And while you mess up, say, a design and still survive, not following the laws around starting up a company can tank you before you even get started.


Startup Lawyer is a slickly designed site that lets you search by topics ranging from incorporation to preferred stock to “startup issues” and more. It also offers a glossary of terms (essential for translating that legalese) and promises to have “calculators for startup-related equations” coming soon in the “Formulas” section.


Startup Lawyer is run by — you guessed it! — a startup lawyer named Ryan Roberts. He’s a partner at Roberts Foster LLP and he has represented startups, with a total of $100 million in VC investment, going through the growth process. This guy clearly has the legal experience that the majority of startup founders are lacking, and he’s willing to share it — for free.


Starting up is hard, hard, hard. You don’t have to get a legal degree to do it right. Just head over to Startup Lawyer and start learning form someone who knows waaaaaaaaaay more than you do.



Starting up your #startup shouldn’t require a legal degree. @startuplawyer has all the info you need – for free!


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