16 Values All Startup Employees Should Share


What’s the number one VALUE you expect your startup employees to share, and why?


The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email lessons.


1. Kindness

“In the fall of 2012, my father passed away. It was amazing how few businesses cared about taking care of my mother. But there were a few who were kind and understanding. Those are the businesses I tell everyone about. Since then, I’ve made it a point to be kind to every person and customer who interacts with our business. A little kindness goes a long way. “


Wade Foster, Zapier



2. Joy

“At Round Table Companies (RTC), we are guided by six core values: brilliance, joy, momentum, honesty, community and growth. Of these, joy is our most dominant value. If people are living from a place of joy, we can access their brilliance, encourage them to be honest, teach them the value of momentum, help them feel a part of the community and support their personal growth.”


Corey Blake, Round Table Companies



3. Compassion

“Everyone on our team brings unique experience and talents to the table, which has created a rich, diverse creative environment. Those diverse perspectives can also lead to opportunity for conflict or misunderstanding at times, but compassion is key to managing that and building a work environment where everyone feels respected.”


Martina Welke, Zealyst



4. Hustle

“Working at a startup requires high energy and often, unorthodox job descriptions. Everyone on our team at Poshly has “hustle” in that they go beyond their comfort zone or standard job descriptions to make sure that the business is constantly moving forward. Having the ability “get the job done” is a value we look for everyone on the team to possess in spades.”


Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.



5. Transparency

“At Levo League, we expect all members of our team to demonstrate transparency in day-to-day occurrences. Open communication is essential to a startup’s success, and it establishes honesty and trust.”


Caroline Ghosn, The Levo League



6. Continuous Learning

“It’s important that whoever we bring onto our team values continuous learning. Through learning and teaching via General Assembly classes, Friday “Lunch and Learns”, internal projects, and show and tells, we encourage everyone to take on the role of the teacher and the student. When you continue to learn, you grow, innovate and inspire others around you.”


Bobby Emamian, Prolific Interactive



7. Integrity

“If someone lacks integrity, he cannot be trusted, and I depend on trust, especially while running a virtual office. If a person does not have integrity, he will not fit in our company culture, nor will he last long if he somehow makes the final cut after interviews. “


Joe Barton, Barton Publishing



8. Communication

“We’re moving fast, getting work churned out and trying to make clients happy. Passion, integrity, honesty — they’re all important. But what makes or breaks a startup is communication. How, when, where and why people share information about problems, unhappy clients, deadlines at risk and other issues makes all the difference.”


Susan Strayer LaMotte, exaqueo



9. Intellectual Curiosity

“I expect everyone on our team to want to learn. If they don’t have an innate intellectual curiosity, they will probably not be a good fit. We are always learning about new industries, new clients and new ways to serve our clients, so curiosity is a must. “


Kelsey Meyer, Digital Talent Agents



10. Accountability

“Accountability is a value that allows me to ensure dedication, organization and responsibility. It defines a worker’s character and ability to take ownership of tasks so he exceeds expectations. As an entrepreneur trying to propel my business and drive growth, accountability helps me gauge whether my team is capable of taking the company in the right direction and to the next level.”


Dave Smith, TekScape



11. Integrity

“It should be on this list more than once. There is nothing that will sink a startup faster than a founder abusing the trust put in him by his co-founders, employees and investors — or an employee looking to cut corners and break the rules to make his (not your) life easier. “


Peter Minton, Minton Law Group, P.C.



12. Responsibility

“I’m very comfortable with delegating when I know that I can trust team members to follow through. If I know individuals will take personal responsibility for finding a way to get something done, even when they face obstacles, it’s worth the investment to train them in other skills. Not having to worry about whether something you assigned to someone will get done well, and on time, is priceless.”


Elizabeth Saunders, Real Life E®



13. Honesty

“If they can’t be honest with themselves and honest with me, then we are likely going to be wasting time and not operating at our full potential. I expect all team members to express any concern that comes up so we can keep improving not only our processes, but also our morale.”


Patrick Curtis, WallStreetOasis.com



14. Customer Orientation

“Customers first” is the root of our business. We need to focus on retaining and keeping our clients as happy as possible. Our product exists to make finding, booking and using a private coach as easy as possible. We need to be able to have clients find the right coach and work with them as soon as they can. Our main priority is to find the right coach for a client and make their process simple.”


Jordan Fliegel, CoachUp, Inc.



15. Community

“Community. None of us are in this alone. None of us did anything here by ourselves. The team gets and deserves credit for what the company does. We’ve all put our lives and our careers on the line to make this work, and we’re winning. We only win as a team.”


Wade Eyerly, Surf Air



16. Attitude

“Everyone hears about the “entrepreneurial rollercoaster,” and whether you’re a founder or a startup team member, there will be bumps, big and small. Outlook is something I’ve found unwavering in those with positive attitudes. People who know how to get their minds right during the ups and downs are the ones most likely to find the solutions to overcome problems. It’s a must!”

Lauren Perkins, Perks Consulting


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