Two Awesome Projects From The Startup Crowdfunding Site Fundable


I’m of the opinion that crowdfunding may be one of the coolest things to come out of the internet in the past few years. Now, I know that’s a big statement (and I can hear you thinking Emma, you clearly just haven’t seen my site yet!) but bear with me for a minute.


The greatest things about crowdfuding are, 1) it puts the power of investment in the hands of anyone with a few dollars to spare and, 2) the projects and products that have been realized solely because they’ve been crowdfunded are so, so badass. (Remember 3-D Vision?)



I love trolling Kickstarter for cool stuff as much as the next 20-something with too much time and too little money but let’s step away from that mother of all crowdfunding sites for a minute, shall we? I want to direct your attention Fundable, another great crowdfunding site with a specific focus on startups.





Fundable has a wide range of companies looking for a boost, but I picked out two that I think are particularly cool, just for your viewing pleasure. None of these projects have been funded at press time, so if you like what you see, head over and give them some love.


Consider it startup funding karma.


ideal brew

I started drinking coffee on a dance performance trip in France when I was 13 and from then on out drank my father’s brew, which was so strong you almost had to chew it. Needless to say, I’m chick with a serious coffee addiction problem.


My other problem? Finding coffee that’s good but still affordable. When I first graduated college and had no money, I turned to Cafe Bustelo because it was the cheapest and strongest stuff I could find in my Brooklyn corner store.


These days I’m not as broke as I was then, but I’m still in search of affordable and delicious coffee. Lucky for me, ideal brew wants to take all of the work out of the search. They’re offering a monthly package of three fresh coffee samples from three different roasters that they’ve tested themselves and are willing to vouch for.





Think three samples isn’t enough? The founders assure you that it will provide you with 12 eight ounce cups, for less than the average cost of one bag of coffee.


I’m totally down. Give them money and increase my productivity.



Online games are incredibly popular: the founders of Seeds point out that “Gaming Guru Jane McGonigal taught us that we spend 3 billion hours a week” gaming. When I read that fact, my mind was officially blown so I understand if you need a little time to digest it.


Founders Amanda Wixted (the former Tech Lead of Zynga’s iOS Team, who brought you Farmville and Mafia Wars on the iPhone), award winning game designer Brad Wiggins, and Rachel Cook decided to take that fact and do something awesome with it.





The result is Seeds, a virtual world that has been destroyed and needs your help rebuilding. In the process of aiding the “plant-like creatures called Zeople” that inhabit this world, players have opportunities to make purchases in the virtual world with real world dollars. That money then goes to finance micro-loans around the world, which means you get to have fun and make a difference in people’s lives.





These are just two of the many awesome projects up on Fundable. Head on over, take a look, and spread the startup love. Crowdfunding is here to stay, my friends, and we’re all poised to benefit.



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