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Startstop.meCoupling a smooth interface with support for lots and lots of services, is a really handy tool for the collection and management of stats. On this website, you can bring all your game stats, trophies and personal achievements together. It’s all done by downloading and installing the relevant application. There’s one for Windows (letting you track your productivity, gaming and Internet usage), one for iTunes (letting you track all the ways you interact with apps)… the idea is to let you have everything tracked with a minimum of effort. does all the tiresome bits for you, and it lets you focus on the one thing you really care about: usage figures and results.

So, if your productivity is not what it used to be before a service like is going to let you realize why. Could it be because you’ve begun playing

Angry Birds? Could it be because of Facebook’s new timeline, and how easy it makes it to go through the past life of that person you’ve just friended that makes you dizzy and weak at the knees? is going to let you know as much. And (hopefully) it will be all you need to begin using your time more wisely. In Their Own Words

Startstop is the best way to collect and share your stats.

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Are more apps going to be released? Which ones of the services that isn’t currently tracking should be supported first?