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Startopedia.comWho said that customized start pages have had their day? That’s patently untrue, as this new website proves. Now, whether they’re something handy or even something that a lot of people could hardly live without is a different story. That’s up to you. And if you think one such page is what you need in order to have a neater browsing experience, then simply head down to this website and sign up for an account.


Startopedia lets you create a personalized start page that can include all these websites that you use the most like Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist, and also have your preferred email provider in it (IE, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…). Plus, Startopedia pages can include information such as news and reports you’re sure to find relevant – when signing up, you’re requested to supply your ZIP area code.

So, this is a website that lets you personalize the Internet and make it suit your browsing habits 100%. Again – I don’t know how many people would be interested in something like this today. Services like this one boomed a long time ago, and there’s so many already available (see MySurfPad and uStart, for example) that it’s hard to imagine Startopedia finding a true niche. In Their Own Words

Your web, your way.

Some Questions About

How successful can this really become? What might make it more appealing to general users?

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