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Startle.comA travel site that’s been created by Forbes Travel Guide could hardly go wrong. The company has existed since 1958, and the five star rating system we see everywhere was actually devised by them. And now, they’ve released Startle in order to help travellers make all the right decisions without having to visit ten different sites just to gather all the information they could ever need. brings everything together. It lets users connect among themselves, it comes with curated lists, and it features insider deals. It all combines into an online resource where you can find the world’s best travel experiences, and have them booked straightaway.


And on Startle, the owners of hotels, restaurants and spas are invited to explain in their own words why their venues are the best of the best. Couple this with the questions that folks like you and I ask, and the insight of travel experts who use the site, and I think it’s clear how potentially useful Startle could be. Having so much information in the same place can but let you research any travel destination to the very last detail.

And if you ever get stuck or uninspired, then just following any of the site’s tastemakers should be enough to provide you with some brilliant ideas for places to visit with your family or friends. In Their Own Words

Startle is the online home of Forbes Travel Guide, the creators of the original Five-Star ratings system and the leading travel authority since 1958. This unique new platform combines expert travel content with social connections, curated lists and insider deals to create unique travel experiences for the most discerning travelers.

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