Start Building Good Habits With Streaks

Today’s Killer Startup: Streaks




Elevator Pitch:

Streaks is “the to-do list to help you form good habits.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

If there’s one thing a former smoker knows, it’s that forming good habits is hard. While I fell into the habit of smoking casually and slowly, building the habit of not smoking was much more difficult. Same can be said for working out regularly, watching less TV, and cutting back on booze — all habits I’ve had to build over the years. However, the rewards of building a good habit are enormous. Not smoking is one of the best habits I’ve ever built! To help future folks like me, I’d like to recommend Streaks.


Streaks capitalizes on our natural tendency to want to win by gamifying the process of building good habits. Users can pick up to six habits they want to work on. Streaks then helps you build the habit by encouraging you to make “streaks” or days in row where you complete the designated task. They even have a special section just for health goals, ‘cause they know that’s what a lot of you are working on. As someone who never worked out until a year ago, let me say: this is a biggie, folks.


If you know you won’t be able to do a task every day (like, say, going to the gym) you can set your streaks so that they’re only for certain days. It’s customizable like that.


Building good habits is hard, but the pay off is worth it, I promise. My stamina, returned senses of taste and smell, and ability to finally work out can attest to that. Let Streaks help you get there! Head over to their site and download the app for iOS today.



Can you complete a streak? Get started building good habits today! @TheStreaksApp


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