search cancel – Improve Vista is an enhancement application for Microsoft’s new release of Windows Vista. Utilizing Microsoft’s new technology, any changes made within the the TweakVista program can be rolled back to the exact specifications that were used at an earlier time.


This way you can experiment with different settings on your computer and not really risk any damage that is not easily reversible. All of the technology made by StarDock is certified by Microsoft to use with their products. TweakVista can be downloaded for $19.95 or a free version can also be downloaded which still has about two thirds of the features that the other version has. Only Automatic Updates from StarDock Central, Advanced Security Configuration and a few others are left out of the free version. In Their Own Words

Microsoft has increased both the power and complexity of its popular Windows operating system with the release of Windows Vista. Stardock’s TweakVistaâ„¢ enhancement application helps you configure Windows Vista to meet your personal needs by improving performance.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many people will be at least downloading the free version and if those people do, probably with time the will purchase the other version to utilize the other options that the free version lack. The Alexa Ranking of this site is extremely high so we know that the site is experiencing major traffic, many of whom will be downloading this application.

Some Questions About

Will enough people upgrade to the paying version of this software for the company to make a good profit from this particular product?

Author : Irene Davids

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