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Starbucks.comStarbucks. com provides you with everything you want to know about this famous American coofee store, different kinds of coffee, ice-creams, coffee service, food service, and the chance to look up for the nearest Starbucks store or licensed stores.

Starbucks Cards are offered both to give as a present or for your personal use. You can choose one of its designs, select the amount and that’s it, you can also purchase an optional greeting card that can be customized with your personal messages. To protect its value against theft or loss, you can register on Starbucks card online, and you can also reload it automatically. Your card will be accepted in most of the stores in the US and in selected contries internationally. Need coffee solutions for your workplace? A variety of coffee and tea programmes are provided for the different markets, business and industry, universities, restaurants, hotels, etc. There is a coffee break solution for your workplace as well as the chance to buy greeting cards from $5 to $500 for your employees.