Star Ratings – The Easiest Way To Know If Websites Are Good To Shop

When restaurants receive Michelin stars, diners have no doubt about the quality of the establishment. It’s an easy-to-read ratings system that people have felt confident turning to for a long long time. So why don’t e-commerce sites yet have a similar, dependable ratings system?


One huge problem is that it’s hard to know if web owners have paid to be included in rankings. Of course, services that receive fees have a strong incentive to please paying customers, so results… well, they can’t be trusted. We don’t know what’s been removed to tilt results in a more favorable direction or if praise has been straight-up bought. Stars should be so simple, but they haven’t been so far.


U GIVE STARS looks to change the game. This star ratings service allows anyone shopping online who installs a button to leave their ratings on a site. U GIVE STARS doesn’t take money from websites or pay for reviews, so the scores are untainted.


U GIVE STARS landing


This free ratings service has a straightforward mission: to make e-commerce better. U GIVE STARS wants visitors to be able to click onto any site and know easily and confidently that it’s both safe to shop and that it provides quality service.


With the scammers out there multiplying and becoming more and more sophisticated, internet shoppers really owe it to themselves and others to work together in order to separate the good from the loser sites – in plain view.


The U GIVE STARS button works in Chrome, Firefox and Explorer browsers so it’s a handy extension to reach for and quickly give any site a star score. Shoppers can also leave reviews to give other visitors useful information. Those using U GIVE STARS for a trusty shopping assistant have the added benefit of being able to keep track of their purchases from different web stores around the web.



Web owners can post their scores (we hope proudly) to attract more business. By showcasing unbiased reviews earned in transparent fashion, they build trust with consumers – which can lead to more sales, more satisfied customers, and higher and higher rankings.


No incentives. No fees. Simple to use. Easy to see. Just stars and the assurance that a website is safe for making purchases. Not so complicated, right? Thanks, U GIVE STARS for clearing the air and giving us a brighter view of quality e-commerce websites.


Have we found the Michelin guide for websites? You be the judge, literally. Learn more about using U GIVE STARS at


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