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Stamped.comAt you can download an app for you iPhone, iPod touch or iPad which will help you share with your group of friends every recommendation, interest, or passion of yours. Imagine the following situation: around a table, close friends are having some drinks and talking about everything. One of them suddenly starts to comment the movie he saw the previous night, which he liked, but did not know about its director. So he asks the other one beside him, who is a cinema guru, if that certain movie director has done something else. “Of course”, the movie fanatic will answer, “haven’t you seen the one with the soldier who escapes from the enemy’s base….”.

And so everybody in the table will start listening with great interest about something of which they didn’t know a thing. Maybe one of them will get rather bored because movies are not his best interest, but he won’t deny that the guy really knows what he is talking about. There is always one in every group who is best at something than the others, and so, the rest will turn to the book lover for some advice when they are close to buying a gift for someone who likes reading.

This is what takes to an electronic platform. The chance to follow the recommendations or comments of those who are keen on some special issue, and to post your interests in what you really liked for a long time or just discovered by chance a few minutes ago, like a new pizza restaurant downtown in your city.

In this way, a more personalized system of interests will guide you in the best things to do. Restaurants, movies, clothing stores, can be showed to your friends and family by simply stamping it on your device. Those who follow you will discover what you liked and thank you through the same system once they have tried it. In Their Own Words

Put your stamp of approval on the world.

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