– A New Group Management Resource

Staction.comThe tagline of this new tool goes “Stop managing projects. Start managing people”.

In order to make this come true, Staction dispenses with folders and replaces these with a virtual workflow view that is kept as simple as possible – just two boxes are included.

As a result, easy and quick access to to-do lists and the ability to swap files from one place to the other shines through, whereas reports on time spent per project are also instantly accessible.

When it comes to communication, the team responsible for the project believes that e-mail is not necessarily the best option for internal group communication. That is why they have devised a solution for messaging that is part of the package, and that adheres to the concise approach mentioned above – there are no bells and whistles, everything is kept focused and on the spot.

There are three paid plans, and they go by the names of “Simple”, “Super” and “Deluxe”. They all come with unlimited updates for all users, and detailed reports for every project and person. Of course, a free plan is included for you to put Staction to the task and see how it fares personally. In Their Own Words

“Stop managing projects. Start managing people.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes the whole process of coordinating workforce a supple and dynamic task.

Some Questions About

How much does each plan cost?