Stack Modernizes Internet Browsing for Easy Multitasking

It starts with an internet browser to check your email. Then a few tabs to monitor your favorite social media channels. A few more tabs for a project you’re working on. A tab for background music. A tab or two for your favorite websites. Some tabs to read the news. A few more tabs to look up answers to important questions – or even just random ones. Before you know it, your internet browser is full of tabs, your computer is struggling to keep up, and you can’t remember which tab is the one you need. Sound familiar? It might be time to try Stack.

Stack is a smart browser designed for internet multitaskers, helping you manage your social media, messaging, emailing and productivity apps from one place.

Instead of using tabs, Stack uses cards to load web content. While tabs only allow you to look at one site at a time, Stack lets you have multiple cards on screen at once. These cards can be grouped into horizontal rows called stacks. Screens full of stacks are called spaces, and you can easily toggle between spaces to view other stacks and cards.

Stack makes it easy to view a variety of web content on the same screen and without having to click through a bunch of tabs to find what you need.


Stack includes some pretty cool features to help you make the most of your internet browsing experience.

Each card displays web content. You can have multiple cards visible at the same time, allowing you to see a variety of web content at once.

Stacks are groups of horizontally aligned cards. This can help you stay organized when you have lots of content on your screen.

Spaces are collections of stacks. They make it easy to organize your web content, such as creating one space for social media content and a separate space for work projects.

The spacebar holds all of your spaces, allowing you to toggle between them.

Ad and Tracker Blocking
Stack allows you to block ads and trackers to help protect your privacy and avoid being tracked by web applications.

Chrome Extensions
Stack lets you use your favorite Chrome extensions, which work about the same in Stack as they do in Chrome.

Unified Notifications
If your notifications are getting on your nerves, you can mute all of your apps with a single click. Alternatively, you can mute just one or a few cards.

Auto Refresh
Stack’s auto-refresh feature ensures you’re seeing up-to-date info from the news feeds, trading platforms and media channels you follow. You can even set custom refresh timers so your feeds refresh on a regular basis.

Side-by-Side Accounts
If you manage multiple accounts on the same social media platform, such as multiple Twitter accounts, you typically have to switch from one account to the next to see each account, only able to look at one account at a time. With Stack, you can have multiple cards, each showing a different Twitter account. This way, you can manage all of your accounts at once on one screen.

Dark Mode
If the white screen is too bright for your preference, switching Stack to Dark Mode will change the backgrounds to black.

Native Cards
Native Cards are helpful apps, including a Live Chat app to contact Stack directly, a Requests app to see the most requested features, a Stackers app to get involved in the Stackers community, and more.

Tired of clicking through browser tabs or having to look at one window at a time? Stack just might be your smart multitasking solution. Visit to learn more.


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