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Here’s How You Can Personalize Your Website With Little Effort

We all know what a difference it makes when someone smiles and says hello to us when we enter a store. We feel noticed, welcome – even if we’re in a hurry and barely return the greeting, we go about our business with a greater sense that the people working care.



A little personal attention goes a long way, right? So, why do so many websites trust that static, one size fits all pages will show their customers enough attention to keep them around?


Personalizing your website is an easy way to improve your guests’ experience on your site and to increase your conversions. And it doesn’t take a pile of money or coding genius to tailor details for each visitor.


Srvd (pronounced “served”) is a simple tool that adjusts the content of websites for different visitors based on their location and settings. With as little as one line of code, site owners can personalize information to show their customers greater love.



SRVD landing



By using straightforward formulas, Srvd displays content differently for each visitor. For example: if a visitor is in the UK, prices will appear in pounds instead of in dollars or pesos. Srvd can also spare visitors the trouble of translating, by converting text into different languages.


No need to offer an Android version of your application if a potential buyer is shopping with an Apple machine. Srvd lets you change download buttons to cater to specific operating systems, open browsers, or screen sizes to compliment different devices.


Drop down and pop-up menus, along with simple tools, allow users to make changes or “placements” with minimal effort. Even the slightest shifts such as reflecting the local time and date make pages more relevant.


Restaurants know as well as any business that showing personal attention is key to earning repeat customers. Srvd turns up a website’s charm much like a pleasant hostess does, with welcome back messages and other fresh content that will please both return and specific visitors.


Tailoring content reduces the likelihood of visitors needing support services. Things as simple as offering a local telephone number eliminate the need to fish around for information. Such small touches create a smoother, more satisfying experience, which means that guests will stay on pages longer – and saves businesses the time and expense of resolving avoidable customer issues.


Why leave any reason for visitors to go elsewhere – to convert prices, translate languages, etc. – when software can do this work so easily for them (and you!)?


Srvd also integrates with Google Analytics to track how people trigger placements, so that businesses can better understand how their webpages are performing. For more information on pricing and how to use Srvd to personalize your website, visit


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Author : Keith Liles

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