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Srch.BiggerBoat.comBiggerBoat is an entertainment search engine which gives you breadth You’ll be able to find both popular, top of the charts stuff and niche, longtail thrills. They claim to be better, than the rest, offering more specific, spot-on results, and metadata by maintaining a broad index of everything out there on the wild wild web.


They’ll do the filtering so you can do the enjoying. They’ll find free, ad-supported stuff, premium products, and consumer generated content. Besides search, BiggerBoat also handls an ad service which recommends relevant products and which also integrates with their engine to provide more relevant results. Publishers can integrate the search engine into their site providing their readers with interesting, fresh and related content, and thus more profits for you. BiggerBoat currently deals with music and movies, but TV, games, metaverses and much more are in the works. In Their Own Words

“BiggerBoat gives people a better way to search and discover entertainment. From the top of the charts to the long-tail of consumer generated content, we’re developing a resource that gives consumers an accurate picture of what’s out there. We’re doing this by creating a single powerful Index of information coming from a variety of sources – the freely available Web; members-only services; and information that you just can’t get anywhere on the Internet, until now.

We believe in sharing. We power search and discovery for Internet publishers, many of which you already know. We also power an advertising network, where advertising is designed to feel more like helpful recommendations than unwanted intrusions. Both services integrate comparison shopping, which helps consumers find what they want, across the Internet’s leading retailers and marketplaces. More information is available for publishers and advertisers who are interested in exploring opportunities with BiggerBoat.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BiggerBoat provides users, bloggers, and advertisers with the content they need. They’re flexible, offering a range of content, and they guarantee a better, and perhaps more lucrative experience. Also, having all this data and search function on one site centralizes users’ experience, saving time.

Some Questions About

How exact is this, as far as their vertical search results go? Will it work for consumers? Will it remain free?

Author : Siri Marshall

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