Squidoo.com – SquidWho – Who’s Who Meets Wikipedia

Squidoo.comSquidWho is a new people-search service by Squidoo, the site that pays you to write about topics you’re familiar with. SquidWho essentially functions like a “Who’s Who” guide, except for that all submissions are created by you, and aren’t subjected to any sort of peer review or editing committee.

The site works in two ways; you can either search for a famous person, or, if a page about said individual doesn’t exist, you can create your own. When you’re running a search, the SquidWho search results will automatically feature the “best” fanpage about the person (though it’s unclear how this is determined). Regarding page creation, you can make as many pages (called “lenses) as you like. SquidWho encourages it uses to make quality pages by offering them a financial incentive; you can either receive cash directly from Squidoo, or donate it to charity through the site (recommended).

Squidoo.com In Their Own Words

“SquidWho is the first people-built who’s who. It’s an easy way to find out what’s what (and where) about famous (and not so famous) people around the world. If you’re a fan of someone, build a page about them. Point to their books, their blog, their wikipedia entry and their videos. Share your opinions but most of all, make it easy for people to discover the really good stuff.
Unlike traditional Who’s Who directories, SquidWho is open. Everyone gets a chance to share her opinion without worrying about what some committee of anonymous people have to say. So, if you like Norah Jones, built a page about her. Hate Mick Jagger? Go for it. It’s up to you”.

Why Squidoo.com It Might Be A Killer

Considering the relative popularity of Squidoo, SquidWho could attract users from its parent site. The financial incentive should be enough to allow users to populate SquidWho with enough pages to make it a comparatively well-known site in the future. Unlike Wikipedia and other similar sites which feature community-generated content, SquidWho does not submit your articles for peer review, so you can rest assured your listing will remain unchaged and unedited.

Some Questions About Squidoo.com

A few things about SquidWhoo are unclear. How do the financial perks work exactly; is it done through PayPal? How much do page creators get compensated, and at what point? Does it depend on the page popularity? On that same vein, how does SquidWho determine the “best” fanpage? There doesn’t seem to be a voting feature. Squidoo.com