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You Need The New Square Contactless Reader

Today’s Killer Startup: Square Contactless Reader



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Elevator Pitch:

Square Contactless Reader makes it easy to accept Apple Pay and chip cards anywhere.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

By now you’ve surely heard of Square, right? It’s the awesome technology that lets people pay with their credit cards, anywhere. I first noticed it coming into popularity at a Christmas craft fair back in Vermont (when I was home visiting my mom), and every vendor had one. It was obvious that being able to accept credit cards so easily was a huge boon for those independent artisans who rely heavily on Christmas-season craft fairs for their income.


Well, while that seemed like the height of technology a couple of years ago (and is still totally badass), the Square Contactless Reader is even cooler. The Contactless Reader lets customers pay with Apple Pay, which means it only takse a tap to get money from their device to yours. It also has a slot to dip in chip cards, which are the new standard for credit cards in the States (and have been popular in Europe and the UK for a while now). The Square Contactless Reader also comes with the classic Square magstripe reader, so you can still swipe the old-fashioned way, if your customers aren’t yet rolling with Apple Pay or a chip card.


Finally, the Square Contactless Reader and the original magstripe can both be attached to your device at the same time, making any kind of non-cash payment seamless and simple. Oh, and did I mention that it only costs $49? I have a feeling my mom will be seeing a lot more of these at the holiday craft fairs next year…



Get ready to accept any kind of non-cash payment, with the new Contactless Reader from @Square


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Author : Emma McGowan

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