search cancel – Innovative Database Solutions products range from SQLite3ProfessionalPlugin that gives REALbasic projects access to every SQLite 3 databases, to SQLiteServer, a stand-alone SQLite database server, to SQLiteManager and OpenGLPlugin.


In addition to these products, provides the consulting services such as custom REALbasic plugin development, custom REALbasic application development, custom SQLite database solutions in C/C++, custom PHP/mySQL solutions, among many others. In this website you are able to download for free many of their products for each of the operating systems existing. There are other products for sale in their online store. In Their Own Words

�At SQLabs we have years of experience designing and building C, C++ and REALbasic solutions. We have created everything from plugins in C++ to full applications written entirely in REALbasic. We specialize in database solutions, especially those that incorporate SQLite.�

Why It Might Be A Killer is a very useful tool for people that dedicate to this. They will find in here everything it has to do with SQL databases.

Some Questions About

Searching for products in their website is a bit difficult. Will they improve this feature?

Author : Mery Fisher

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