SpyTwitter.com – A Way To Spy Twitter Profiles

SpyTwitter.comIf you are looking into knowing anything about any Twitterer there is, this new app will be of help. Essentially, by using the Twitter API it lets you see full statuses and tendencies as well as analysing the top keywords.

You can also check the ratio between followers and following and have the results displayed in the form of graphs, and geolocate any user. Of course, an option for seeing the latest tweets that any user has put forth is provided, and this feature is augmented by the ability to see the latest pictures that have been shared a la TwitPic.

On the other hand, you can also visualize the most spied users out there, see who are making waves in the Twitterverse and then try to figure out why that is by collating the provided data.

Services like this one have been proliferating recently, and it was only to be expected. I just hope that any new one to come along from this point onwards brings some new functionalities. Otherwise, this “all about Twitter users” collection of apps will end up mirroring the endless URL shorteners craze – a useful service that became completely overcrowded with redundant contenders.

SpyTwitter.com In Their Own Words

“SpyTwitter is the latest application dedicated to one of the fastest growing micro-blogging sites, Twitter. All the data available on SpyTwitter is collected using the Twitter API.”

Why SpyTwitter.com It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into learning more about any Twitterer, this will let you do it smoothly enough.

Some Questions About SpyTwitter.com

What gives this an edge over other apps that do mostly the same thing? SpyTwitter.com