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Spytic.comAvailable for iOS, Spytic is a new application that lets users locate their mobile phones anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what has happened to them. It’s the same whether they have become lost or stolen, Spytic lets users pinpoint where they are, and take the necessary steps for retrieving them in one piece.

And Spytic also comes with a handful of features that turn it into an interesting tool for business users. Preeminently among them is the ability to track the way in which their employees are using their phones. That will let them know that the phone bills which are to be paid at the end of the moth are fully warranted and justified.

And the application is also of interest to parents, as they’ll be able to track the position of their children at all times just by looking at their GPSes.

You can get the latest version of Spytic at the App Store. It currently costs $1.99, and supported languages include English, French and Vietnamese. In Their Own Words

Locate a mobile phone anywhere in the world for free.

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