Puzzled by Low Engagement on Social Media? Try Spuzle

Followers, millions of people on social media, low engagement, tons of platforms – there is something about this picture that doesn’t look quite right. And if you can’t figure it out immediately, don’t feel bad, because you’re not alone.


Consider three social media power houses – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Everybody loves them and is on them, right? But the engagement rate per post is below 1% on each of them. Less than 1%! The size of the audience is incredible, the prospects great, but the results are mostly awful.


Spuzle hopes to fit all the pieces into their proper place and to help brands increase engagement with their followers. Their irresistible hook? Puzzles.


2 sputzle


Instead of bombarding users with an unrelenting stream of content that gets consumed as absentmindedly as popcorn during a movie, Spuzle slows users down to actually pay attention to what’s in front of them.


In the company’s own words, “Unlike other platforms, Spuzle engages users with brand-specific puzzles that create repeated engagement until that puzzle is solved, replacing mindless scrolling, viewing and liking with active brand participation.”


Three cheers for a break from mindlessness! Scrolling is boring, and trying to track likes, comments and shares and then measure brand appreciation is tedious for companies, at best.


The thought here is that it’s much easier to see engagement – i.e. someone stopping to solve a puzzle – and that it’s easier for brands to learn who their target market is and immediately forge a stronger connection with followers.


Spend anytime around children and you’ll be reminded that the satisfaction of putting things together, completing a picture, has powerful sway over us. We become absorbed by puzzles, relaxed and focused on the task at hand. Much in the way that there has been a well reported spike in adults taking up coloring, it would come as no surprise if solving puzzles also witnessed a surge in popularity.


In short, puzzles are a delightful, smart choice of means for reaching people who are addicted to social media but also largely dissatisfied with the experience.


Interested in solving puzzles? Keen on offering your audience something different – providing them with a richer and more memorable interaction with your brand? Learn more details and sign up for updates on the app at spuzle.com.


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