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SpryMed.comA site in which hospitals can be rated and reviewed by patients and those who ever visit them, SpryMed represents a very positive step towards the improvement of the American health system. The whole of the United States is covered on this site, and an interactive map enables users to quickly review all the medical facilities located right where they live, or where they are located at that moment in time. The hospitals that make up the SpryMed database get a score made up of all the positive votes they have received, and multiple individual aspects are likewise ranked.

Patients can rate how well were they explained about medicines before being given them by staff members, how well was their pain controlled and what the communication with doctors was like. Plus, it is possible to rate aspects such as how quiet was the area surrounding the hospital at night.

Granted, the design of the site is completely rudimentary. But the service which it provides can have such a positive impact on the American health system that I felt it was definitely worthy of inclusion on KillerStartups today. In Their Own Words

Patient communication with data.

Some Questions About

Will the site be redesigned? What new features or sections could be added to it when that happens?

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