KillerStartups – Predicting The Outcome Of Sports Events

sProphet.comEverybody loves a sport or the other, and everybody has a group of friends who feel the same way. Trying to predict which team is wining the corresponding league has always been one of the most recurrent topics for conversation in such settings.

It has always been that way, and that won’t ever change. Every devout fan is a coach in himself. He fully feels he can do better than the utter incompetent who is currently in charge, and lead the team to victory. But that is not happening, so that sports fan have to stick to predicting the outcome of matches.

And that is something made very easy and enjoyable through a site like this one. Named sProphet, it will let fans of sports like basketball and soccer get together and start making prediction until they have mapped out entire seasons. And as many of you know, there is an upcoming soccer World Cup. sProphet has a section devoted to it. While the sport is not number one in the US, it is dearly beloved in the rest of the world. It is as important in South America and Europe as baseball and basketball in the US. There are people all over the globe that will find it engaging. In Their Own Words

“sProphet is a social gaming platform that offers users a new way to share, participate and make predictions about real sports events.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Lovers of sports couldn’t ask for something more involving if they tried.

Some Questions About

Are new sports being added to the list of featured ones regularly?

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