SprinklePenny.com – A New Way To Support Sites You Love

SprinklePenny.comThere are more ways than one in which a site can be monetized. This is an alternative which (to me) falls into the category which is best-loved by the public at large, as there is nothing the public loves more than an unobtrusive way to show its support, and to the extent it deems as suitable.

The dynamics of Sprinklepenny can be described as follows: the user can make tiny payments in support of his favorite sites. It is the user who decides how much he will spend each month, and that amount is distributed among the sites he decides to favor. The amount of the payment is usually 5 $, and from that point onwards a badge is shown on each one of those sites thanking the user for his or her support.

When all is said and done, this is a very balanced way of supporting those sites that bring you great content on a daily basis, and ensuring you are doing your part when it comes to their permanence. A single monthly payment and an allocation of funds is all it takes for the system to work. A very good idea, which is implemented even better. Worth a look.

SprinklePenny.com In Their Own Words

“Sprinklepenny enables you to support your favourite sites with tiny payments. You decide how much to spend per month – typically $5 – and we then distribute this to your favourite sites. When you visit a site, you’ll see a badge thanking you for your support.”

Why SprinklePenny.com It Might Be A Killer

Users love anything that does not stand in the way of their browsing and which lets them still support their best-loved sites.

Some Questions About SprinklePenny.com

In theory, how much money could you spend this way? SprinklePenny.com