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SpringStage.comA network that has just seen the light of the day, this online resource aims to stand as a meeting point for early stage entrepreneurs. The main objective is to let entrepreneurs within each city bond online and get to know each other a little bit more, hopefully injecting some vitality into the scene and acting as a catalyst for change.


This network has been created by Messrs. David Cohen and Alexander Muse. They are seasoned bloggers and entrepreneurs, and chances are their named rang a bell the minute you read them.

They make a reasonable point: any local startup community is already well-covered by bloggers, venture capitalists and angel investors. The problem is that it might be too time-consuming to collate the different information that is spread all over the web. SpringStage hopes to get around that situation by bringing everybody and everything closer. As they put it “We’re simply promoting and organizing what’s already happening.”

At the end of the day, SpringStage hopes to become a mainstay when it comes to entrepreneurial activities in communities all over the United States. Pay it a visit at the address provided below, and if you want your city to be represented do not hesitate to join in the action. In Their Own Words

“SpringStage is a network of community catalysts who are in tune with their local entrepreneurship and startup scenes. The network formally launched in early 2009. This is the first step in ensuring that there is a visible resource in every community for early stage entrepreneurs.

Today, if you’re new to a city and you want to be involved in the startup scene there, there is no clear cut way to get involved. Springstage hopes to fix that by identifying and promoting credible catalysts in each community. We are providing the infrastructure for those catalysts to begin promoting their location entrepreneurship scene immediately.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very convenient resource that will make for a tighter community where everybody will know who is who.

Some Questions About

How many members has the network already got?

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