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SpreedNews.comFirst established in the year 2006, Spreed Inc. is a company that specializes in digital reading enhancement technology.

The aim of Spreed is to prove that digital reading can be as efficient or more than traditional forms such as paper and ink. Its first product goes by the name of Spreed: News, and the corporate website provides a wealth of information about it.

In general terms, this product takes into account grammar, syntax and personal reading pattern algorithms, and these are used by the provided solution in order to enable users to read news not only faster but with an enhanced comprehension capability.

The Spreed interface can be tried out online, and several sources are included. Once you sign up and create an account, this interface can be customized to include as many daily news sources as you wish. Moreover, iPhone users are taken into consideration, as a link is provided on the main page that will let them try Spreed out using their mobile devices.

It must be mentioned that a link is also provided for those who want to read more about the science behind Spreed, and how the company managed to arrive at the algorithms in question. In Their Own Words

“Spreed : News, is a revolution in reading in itself. For the past two years the Spreed team has been researching an area of Cognitive Psychology called Eye Science. From this research they have develop a number of algorithms that take into account grammar, syntax and personal reading patterns. These algorithms make up the patented Spreed Reader which has been used in Spreed : News to help people read their daily news at speeds they never thought possible and with an overall increase in comprehension.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has the potential to modify how people read news using novel technology.

Some Questions About

Q: How do you create an account? Is it free?
A: Spreed is compltely free. Simply customize the feeds you want and save your account. Once that is done you will have login info and a password and every time you login your feeds will be the same.

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