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Spreed.comSpreed is an online conferencing app which you could say, has got its Web 2.0 on.


Available 24 hours everyday, Spreed is perfect for employee training, web presentations and demos, sales meetings, web seminars, desktop sharing, and live webcasts and collaboration. Use Spreed to manage conferences, to send out automated e-vites, to present slideshows and Powerpoint, use it for calendaring, for conferencing, use it to boost your productivity. Spreed requires no software or installation. It’s extremely secure and has 99.95% uptime. Meetings for up to three participants are free. Packages are available for single event seminars or conferences. Corporate customers are offered meetings and conferences without time limitations and dedicated meeting rooms. In Their Own Words

“Benefit from spreed Web 2.0 Meetings and Trainings. Whether you want to hold a quick project meeting, train and present online, or support customers, you can do it all-simply and cost-effectively with spreed. With no up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support. With just a web browser you can start using spreed today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Spreed is user-friendly and easy to use; all you need is a web browser. Spreed is flexible—it works with Linux, Mac and Windows. It facilitates communication, saving money and time. Makes meetings more effective.

Some Questions About

How reliable is the support? Is it easy to get through to someone? Are updates readily available?

Author : Siri Marshall

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