KillerStartups – Rethinking Word Of Mouth Marketing

Spreadable.comWord of mouth will always be a relevant form of marketing, for the simple reason that its efficacy goes hand in hand with the communicative nature of human beings. That is something that will never change, and the launch of startups like Spreadable does nothing but prove it.

Spreadable will enable bloggers and webmasters to place a widget on their sites, and people can then use that widget to share the site or blog through Facebook, Twitter and related resources. That is nothing really new, but what makes Spreadable interesting is that you (as the webmaster or blogger) can track who visits your site because of whom. That is, you will be able to determine who the biggest influencers are, and approach them directly in order to foster a direct relationship.

That is advantageous any way you look at it. And coming back to the actual widget, note that it can be tweaked in all the usual ways – you can change its overlay, its color… You will be able to come up with one capturing the essence of what you specialize in precisely. In Their Own Words

“Tell a friend, word of mouth marketing & referral system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When it comes to word of mouth marketing on the Web, no other application makes for tracking exactly who has said what this easily.

Some Questions About

Is this compatible with all blogging platforms whatsoever?

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