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SpotyShare.comFor those unfamiliar with the name, Spotify is a service whereby music can be listened to online without infringing any law or regulation, as the original artists are actually compensated for their work. This system is available in three different incarnations – a free edition for getting into the twist of things, and two paid plans that go by the names of “Day Pass” and “Premium” for those who are looking for a full set of features.

The site we are reviewing right now is geared towards those who already are Spotify users, and who wish to share their playlists with others. Playlists constitute the backbone of Spotify. SpotyShare aims to give users a centralized location for the ready exchange of playlists, pronouncing the social dimension that lies at the very heart of the system.

There is little more to say, other than it is always good to see endeavors that try to provide internauts with legal access to music files while ensuring that artists receive the corresponding remuneration for their efforts. As such, this site is a good companion to the Spotify central, and those who are already familiar with the concept will warm to it. In Their Own Words

“With SpotyShare you can create, share and download playlists in just one click. SpotyShare is a free sharing community, anyone can join and everyone can share!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are already hooked on Spotify will find it a compelling chance to come across new music.

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How many playlists are usually added per day?