– A New Way To Watch Music Videos

Spotube.comSpotube promises a music video revolution, and in order to make good on that promise it brings together the best from YouTube, Spotify and The site includes playlists with the most played songs on, and it lets you watch the videos that go which each one of these hit tracks, as hosted on YouTube.

Additionally, the site lets you submit any Spotify URL that you have around, and (where applicable) watch the YouTube videos that go with it.

And if you are in the mood for some random music, you might as well check the lists provided on the main page of SpoTube. Both the top artists and the best individual tracks of the moment are highlighted there. Chances are you will already be acquainted with the artists actually featured, but not with their latest releases. SpoTube will let you catch up with them right there and then, and be reminded why you have always liked their music in the first place. In Their Own Words

Video music playlist revolution.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different (and faster) way to watch music videos online. SpoTube ensures you will be watching the best of the best only.

Some Questions About

When will the site be overhauled? What will be changed?