– A Visual Way To Shop For Products Online

Spotli.comStarted by a group of shoppers and web designers who became frustrated with the predominant clutter one comes across when looking for products online, Spotli aims to let anybody find the item(s) he is looking for and nothing else.

The site takes a visual approach to online search processes.

This means that instead of clicking through names that might not mean that much to you, you are being presented with distinctive pictures to begin with. And the idea is not bad – it is far easier to find a product that you will like by going though the pictures of items instead of clicking on mere names and descriptions.

Using this system, then, you will be able to search stores like eBay, Amazon and BestBuy and find what you are keen on far more directly.

Also, functionalities like being able to save your searched items and recall them later on are already accounted for. That should make weeding through the many available products something not only simpler but also more enjoyable. In Their Own Words

“Browse & Shop.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find these products you are enthusiastic about in a more fluid fashion.

Some Questions About

Will online shopping be like this in the future?