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SpotHero.comA Chicago-based startup, SpotHero lets you find and reserve places to park in the Windy City. It’s all done using a simple interface that also lets you list your own parking spots, and make some money when you’re not using it. This can be done for free, and when listing it you can make a direct link to events that are going to be held near. So, people who’re attending these events and who’re having trouble finding a place to park will be instantly drawn to you.


Parking spots can actually be searched in many different ways, as you can have them filtered by neighborhood, by landmark and by event. And you can also apply a “Park All Weekend” tag, and find the relevant parking spots.

SpotHero is certainly a useful website, but it’s hardly a new concept. A site named Parking Panda has been letting people do the same for longer. That site lets you find parking space, and also list your very own. The only difference is that Parking Panda covers Baltimore, whereas SpotHero is focused on Chicago. Oh, and Parking Panda has already got a fully-functional mobile app of its own. In Their Own Words

Find a Chicago Parking Spot. Reserve a neighborhood or event spot today.

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Which company seems likelier to expand first – SpotHero or Parking Panda?

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