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Spoontrip.comAs its name suggests, Spoontrip is a site that has been created with the aim of taking users on culinary journeys that would otherwise lie well beyond their grasp. Spoontrip is arranged as a true marketplace where the one thing being actually transacted is food-related experiences.


On this website, anybody can specify where he is going to be located at any moment in time, and what he feels like tasting for a list of suitable culinary options to be produced. Spoontrip makes it possible to book everything from day trips and cooking classes to outright food tours. And users can always further refine everything by applying the relevant tags.

A site like Spoontrip is undoubtedly one to keep close at hand when you’re realizing the lifelong dream of visiting any far off land, such as India, Japan or China. Spoontrip can highlight all these places where autochthonous food can be had, in a way that is both healthy and cost-friendly (the two main concerns one invariably has when traveling abroad). You’ll be able to make a point of visiting only these, and avoid the horror of having your well-deserved vacation sullied by a culinary misstep that wrecks your health when you’re far away from home. In Their Own Words

Spoontrip is an international marketplace for food and wine activities. Meet the community of culinary tourism! Book day trips, food tours, cooking classes, wine tastings and much more? Share authentic experiences with local foodies and wine lovers.

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