Spooler – This Fashion (Business) Model Really Knows How To Turn Heads

There is no brighter runway than the Internet. Sorry, Paris, NYC, Rome, you will always be beautiful and loved. But the new fashion capital is online.


Among those leading the dazzling fusion of technology and fashion is Spooler, a company that develops technology and systems to create innovative products to help improve the future of fashion.




Business, brands and platform – Spooler is for people who are looking to both create and buy high-quality products in real time, ‘while seamlessly allowing them to voice their views on social topics they care about.’


Founder, CEO Benjamen Janey began the enterprise humbly enough, creating custom designs with sharpie markers and brush strokes on trucker hats. The hats caught on in Venice Beach with locals, tourists and eventually celebrities. The results have grown into the HDLV-USA brand (valued at over $1.2 million) that celebrates pop culture and creates ‘on-demand apparel for the socially-conscious millennial,’ at mid-market price.


The Spooler umbrella now twirls over a growing number of entities that also includes Timeless and WeDesyn.


The Timeless platform invites designers to find inspiration for timeless masterworks by feeding budding artists with contemporary trends across a variety of broad categories (e.g. sports, causes, technology, pop culture). Timeless crowdsources these designs to paint on a highly visible canvas – the clothes of everyday, commuting people. In return for sharing their visions, designers can earn income from their work and delight in helping to create wearable art.


The newest entrant to Spooler is WeDesyn, a mobile app that allows people to design their own apparel on the go, within private and public forums. Designers can literally create in app on the background of shirts, hats, socks, and more. The community of users can then ‘up’ vote and ‘down’ vote ideas for clothing designs.


Spooler-HDLV Catalogue Group-High-Res


In similar style to how Netflix, Vimeo, and Spotify disrupted the film and music industries, Spooler aims to upend fashion. Customized, inventive, crowdsourced, and on-demand, the innovative company has been expanding with venture from business evangelist Dan ‘Zip’ Gould.


Spooler also offers printing and fulfillment solutions through a global pool of digital printing partners. They collaborate on designs with individuals and businesses locally, nationally and internationally, In addition, they provide brand consultancy.


Their clothing and business model are thoroughly modern. And, in an industry that prizes rule breakers and the cutting edge, they are establishing a robust medium for staying ahead of the competition. Learn more about the opportunities and products flourishing on the Spooler catwalk by visiting the website spooler.co.


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Spooler | Suzy Demeter