Sponsume.com – Getting Your Project Funded

Sponsume.comThere are more ways than one for getting a project of yours funded, and I am sure that this site will be a valid one in most people’s books. In general terms, here you can post your project and specify how much money you need in order to make it become a tangible reality.

Upon posting a project, the same will be put everybody’s way through online media and social networks. That is why this site can accurately be labeled as a viral funding platform that leverages the power and the true interconnectivity of the Social Web.

It is important to stress that this system is not only meant to be used by entrepreneurs, but also by clubs and charities that want to raise consciousness about what they do, and garner enough resources to improve the services they render. And the ones who contribute to any project don’t do it for nothing – they actually receive vouchers that they can use when the project has materialized, and get rewards and discounts. So, the system is worthwhile for everybody, even when it is clear that the entrepreneur or the one promoting the idea is the one who reaps the bigger benefits.

Sponsume.com In Their Own Words

“Do you have a great idea for an arts, social, business, charity project or product that needs kick-starting? Get it funded on Sponsume!”

Why Sponsume.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a very focused way of promoting any idea and making it acquire a true shape.

Some Questions About Sponsume.com

What is the American equivalent (or equivalents) to this site? Sponsume.com