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SponsorshipFactory.comThose who are looking for corporate sponsorship are going to find this new platform worthy of their time. On the Sponsorship Factory website, any person who is trying to get the attention of commercial and/or professional entities to support his aims and objectives can become noticed.


This site (which can be joined and used at no cost) lets people post ads that fall into a lot of different categories such as Events and Sports. And the site also works the other way around, as those who have the wherewithal to sponsor anybody can post their very own listings, detailing what it is that they believe in, and are willing to support financially.

Design-wise, the site is quite streamlined. The latest posts are all highlighted on the main page, and so are the ones that have proven to be more popular among users. And a blog is likewise provided, detailing submission guidelines and the future plans of the company. In Their Own Words

Sponsorship Factory was launched early in 2011 as a way to connect those looking for corporate sponsorship with sponsors who may be interested in their opportunity.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of the few sites that cater for such a real and tangible need.

Some Questions About

Will the site always remain free to join and use? Or will fees have to be paid in the future?

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