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SpongeFish.comLove to learn? Love showing off your knowledge? Love prizes? If so, try SpongeFish, the site for sharing wisdom. SpongeFish knows you know something– everybody’s got a bit of knowledge on them and SpongeFish wants you to share.


It doesn’t matter if it’s your theory of relativity, or a recipe for spicy taco soup, any knowledge is fair game. You can boast your expertise through your choice of media, be it text, audio, or visual. So go ahead make a movie demonstrating how not to shovel your driveway come snowstorms by running over those pesky snow berms. Or maybe you want to give a lesson on how to sing arias, Motown and soul. It’s your knowledge, your choice. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, maybe you’ll do it for money, or gift certificates, rather. Each week, SpongeFish holds a contest to see who’s the smartest commentor, the top creator, or the most active browser. If you win, you get a $50 gift certificate. So go ahead, learn something. In Their Own Words

“SpongeFish is the place to share and show off your personal knowledge and expertise, and learn from others. People come to SpongeFish to show what they know and win prizes.
Graduated with a 4.3 GPA summa cum laude? Got a PhD in Chemistry? Screened your movie at Cannes? No? Neither have we. This is the place for you.
Your knowledge is more valuable than you think. You may not think that you know anything of value to others. What you know may not seem revolutionary or even particularly interesting to you, but there are lots of people out there searching to learn the things you already know how to do. Computer tips? Dating advice? Been on a good trip? Got a recipe? Then you’ve got stuff to share. Our job is to connect you with the people who appreciate “

Why It Might Be A Killer

SpongeFish is a great little site for sharing your valuable knowledge. The makers are clever by actually giving you an incentive to share—gift cards. The site has potential to become a nice compendium for odd knowledge.

Some Questions About

Will SpongeFish get the response they’re looking for? Will the site be relevant? Or will it be full of half rate advice that no one really cares about?


Author : Bruce Turner

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