Sponduly.org – Raise Money For Your Project

Sponduly.orgThere is more to the concept of social networking than just swapping pictures and comments about what you did with your friends last weekend, as resources like Sponduly make clear.

Sponduly.org is where social networking meets social challenges. On this site, people who have ideas can post them and have them discussed with others. Everything from their viability and the significance they can have in the lives of other people can be studied like this.

And the site actually goes one step beyond, as users are given the chance to crowdfund their projects. They can set down a financial goal, and the ones who feel the project could make a true difference if implemented will be able to contribute to it.

A platform like Sponduly can be used by just any person who wants to get a project ahead, and I find myself thinking that charities and not-for-profits are going to be the ones that will truly maximize it – it is a free platform, after all.

Sponduly.org In Their Own Words

Social Networking for social change… Connect and share ideas with others.

Why Sponduly.org It Might Be A Killer

It puts social networking to a whole new use: the crowdfunding of projects.

Some Questions About Sponduly.org

Is there a limit to the amount of money you can raise like this? What would be a realistic goal? Sponduly.org