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Spondoola.comSpondoola aims to make life just that little bit easier. Whether it’s a quote required for property maintenance or pet grooming.


Bookkeeping or blind fitting, Spondoola allows the user to upload their request for free. Registered suppliers (businesses) are able to search listed RFQ’s (Request For Quotes) and tender for the work. Individual’s details are kept private unless they specify otherwise thus preventing unwanted contact. Quotes are delivered straight to the individuals inbox and are also available for comparison purposes within the user account. This service makes your life easier. Whatever you are looking for, Spondoola can help you get quotes for it. From plumbing to personal loans, from bookkeeping to brickwork. In Their Own Words

“Spondoola is all about Requests For Quotes or RFQ’s for short. If you are looking for someone to provide a service you need doing then you can write up your request anonymously on Spondoola and just sit back and wait for quotes to submitted to you which you can consider at your leisure.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

RFQ’s (Request For Quote) have got to be the way forward in today’s busy society. Why would you want to waste time searching websites, phoning around or trawling directories? Uploading your request to a website and letting the quotes come to you not only makes life that little bit easier but may actually promote some healthy competition between suppliers. From a supplier point of view the site gives easy access to a new source of business without the hassle and expense of traditional advertising.

Some Questions About

What countries is Spondoola available in? Are they going to expand to other places?

Author : Bruce Turner

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