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SponAds.comSponAds is a brand new advertising marketplace/network. It lets users buy or sell advertisements for a flat monthly rate, and it stands as: A) an effective way for you to monetize any unsold ad space within your website, and B) a platform for those who want to promote any service that they currently render, reaching a public which is particularly suited to them.


Only one banner can be placed in a single page.

The pricing for the ad space is actually set down by the publishers, IE the ones who are keen on monetizing the site. They also choose the banner size. The ads themselves go live once the SponAds approves them – the publisher can not approve or disapprove them. Publishers are given ad codes for tacking the number of impressions and quickly figuring out the revenue that is generated within any given frame of time.

Lastly, payments are counted on a 50 – 50 revenue share basis. There are no minimum payments sent – you receive whatever amount you have earned. If you feel like knowing more, simply pay the website a visit and browse though the provided reference materials in order to have a better understanding of the way it all works. In Their Own Words

“SPONADS is an advertising marketplace/network where you can buy or sell advertisements for a flat monthly rate. Where 1 month refers to 30 days.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives users a simple way to generate a fixed income from unsold ad spots.

Some Questions About

How much can you earn through this? What are its main advantages, IE the ones that will make people go for it?

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