Splunk.com – Take the sh out of IT

Splunk.comSplunk.com is a search engine to find IT information across company networks including hardware, software and other data.

The program searches from any network, server and application in real time and results include scripts, metrics, logs, configurations, messages and traps and alerts. Splunk.com is a must have for all IT professionals as it delivers rapid return on investment in four areas: availability, compliance, security and business intelligence. This product allows for wide availability by “slashing response times” and allowing managers to see and problems before they happen. Splunk.com meets compliance requirements as it enables additional controls, tracking, logging and reporting of activity and data. Security is improved by offering security threat detection in the early stages, and it saves money for business by minimizing research and avoiding potential costly problems.

Splunk.com In Their Own Words

“Who uses Splunk? Everyone who looks at IT data manually today, from help desk to systems administrators to developers – in fact, most IT staff. Also, support, compliance and business users who escalate requests to look at information in logs to IT today can often use Splunk to become self-sufficient.”

Why Splunk.com It Might Be A Killer

Splunk.com has grown quickly as a popular search engine for the IT community and now seems almost impossible to ignore. IT runs the world and if Splunk.com runs IT it’s gotta be a killer. Splunk.com